1.5 hours: “For Your Eyes Only” … 1500

2 hours: “You Only Live Twice” … 2000

3 hours: “Skyfall” … 2800

4 hours: “Spectre” … 3500

6 hours: “Diamonds Are Forever” … 4000

14 hours: “The World is Not Enough” … 6000

24 hours: “Tomorrow Never Dies” … 8000

Extended & Travel Packages

International Rates

*In date extension: 1000/hour.

*My listed fees are for my time and companionship only. Additional fees may be applied for travel and/or accommodations.

*Two of you? I love to meet and entertain couples. Add 500.

*A list of my highly recommended friends who would love to join us!



I am delighted that I have piqued your interest. I trust that you have taken the time to thoroughly read my website to its entirety to determine that I am right for you.

I live a very full life in and out of this secret world. Thank you for understanding that I may not be available without advanced notice. To avoid scheduling disappointment, providing the proper verification and pre-booking in advance will ensure my security and our compatibility.

My assistant Laura handles all my correspondence for screening and deposits within 48 hours of completed requests. If you have not heard from us, you may have sent an incomplete form or your request did not appear serious enough for us to respond. Every once in awhile, technology fails us and your request may not have gone through.

Do not hesitate to follow up at: