You’ve found her…



You’ve found her…

The curiosity, the pursuit, the anticipation, the perpetual daydreaming of an uninhibited experience you yearn to fulfill.

The first time you see her photos: your heart races, your eyes widen, your lips part with a breath of excitement.

“Who is she?”

Your dream girl exists on this small corner of the internet. You have to see more, you have to know more.

“Is she the one I’ve been looking for?”

Clicking photo to photo… you notice the flawless, smooth skin, luxurious long hair, sensuous curves, and lips so luscious, you can’t stop wondering what they taste like.

Behind the blur, you imagine exotic features with inviting eyes awaiting to be met with yours. “This is your chance!” you tell yourself… to self indulge, to have your breath taken away, to satiate your curiosity…

“I have to meet her.”

The possibilities look promising. Your pursuit for uninhibited experiences begins here and now...

Waiting for you,

Dani Carrera xo



In Depth

Things that make me smile:

  • fresh fruits

  • nigiri sushi

  • hand made pastas

  • beignets

  • massages & facials

  • outdoor hot tubs

  • dancing under the stars

  • silent discos

  • carnival rides & roller coasters

  • dipping my toes in the ocean

  • aquariums

  • cephalopods & cetaceans

  • scuba diving & sky diving

  • waterfalls

  • sunsets over the water

  • stargazing


I hope one day I…

  • become a Dive Master

  • am fluent in 5 languages

  • see the Northern Lights

  • travel to all 7 continents

  • take an authentic cooking class in Italy

  • go hot air ballooning in Cappadocia

  • see erupting lava by air

  • can travel to space (go Space X!)

  • dive the Titanic wreck

  • free dive with orcas in Norway

  • check-off everything on my scuba bucket list